Can Romney Bring Sexy Back?

On Friday, I was on KVUE news along with James Henson and Matt Mackowiak talking about Mitt Romney's impending vice presidential pick.

...Are you still awake?

Is there anyone more milquetoast than Mitt Romney? When the reporter asked if I'd be interested in giving my opinion on Romney potentially picking a woman for his veep, I honestly almost said no. I consider Romney a huge, wealthy, well-Botoxed non-issue. Let's face it: he's not as politically threatening to Obama as Obama is to himself. If you're considering Romney, then you were never and would never consider voting for Obama. The question is: can the GOP get enough people who happen to be Christian conservatives to go out and vote for the old Mormon guy? The Republican Party would have been better off just nominating a person whose last name is Reagan to the top of their ticket.

Nevertheless, we're humans and therefore we find ourselves once again in a frenzy over this Presidential election. You can expect the frenzy to uptick slightly if a woman gets picked as Romney's veep, just like they did when John McCain brought sexy back.

You can also expect that whichever woman is chosen will only slightly increase the numbers in which conservatives will drag themselves begrudgingly -- but with the power of the Lord's spirit! -- to the polls in November. When voting for the lesser of two supposed evils, people generally don't spend too much time deliberating over gender.

From the clip: "Mitt Romney choosing a vice presidential candidate that's a female is kind of like sending 'I'm sorry' flowers to women of America, and I think they're going to see right through it," said Democratic activist and blogger Rachel Farris.

2 Response to "Can Romney Bring Sexy Back?"

  • Edith Ann Says:

    "...but if you pick somebody who is not Sarah Palin...who is a woman..." <--that's funny!

    They apparently did not learn their lesson last time!

  • Katy Anders Says:

    The "Will-it-be-a-woman" meme has sort of taken off in the media (which lack anything more interesting to talk about this year, I guess), but there is just no way.

    Romney is way too cautious, and he's dead set on not making McCain's mistakes.

    So, although there ARE 150 million people in the US who aren't Sarah Palin, I can't imagine that he's going to, um.... zzzzzz.

    4 more months until the election, huh?