What do Democrats and hot chicks have in common?

They're both tired of getting hit on by old men.

At least, that's what we can infer from Democrat Paul Sadler's paltry showing in his US Senate race, according to an interview with the Texas Tribune:
"I don’t think we’ve seen a primary where there was basically no money given. And that’s basically where we are...There’s a lot of donor fatigue,” Sadler aid [sic]. "I think they’re just tired of getting hit on.” 
I can't say I'm shocked, but I appreciate Sadler's attempt at feigning surprise.

Now, there's nothing wrong with old politicians who run for office.

But here in Texas, they just don't run very well. And no one, especially not hot chicks, wants to vote for them.

Unfortunately, though, lately they seem to be the only guys at the bar.