A few words regarding the Obama contraception compromise

Obama offered a compromise yesterday that allows women who work for religious organizations to continue to receive access to contraception by requiring their health insurance providers to offer it for free. Of course that caused people to cry "Cop out!" and "Obama caved again!" all over the internet. I got a phone call from KVUE reporter Mark Wiggins asking if I'd go on camera to talk about the issue. The clip, and my thoughts on the matter, are below (transcript and video also here).

I'm not sure when "compromise" became a bad word in politics but we need to stop making it into one if we want to have any progress in our political system. If you value women's health and religious freedom, this is a win-win.

1 Response to "A few words regarding the Obama contraception compromise"

  • downfromtheledge Says:

    I'm confused; I thought there was "separation of church and state" in the US ... so why should one religious group have ANY influence over the rights of ALL women? The Catholic Church (fear of it, anyway) holds too much sway over decisions they should not be interfering in.

    To me, it's a non-issue. No one is mandating that Catholic women, or ANY woman, take birth control. They are twisting the rhetoric to stir up a frenzy ... luckily, our level-headed president is able to reason with illogical, self-centered parties.

    These are the same people who rebuke women who get pregnant out of wedlock ... it's frustrating that we have to rehash Roe vs. Wade and other issues that have already been ruled on.