Aaron Pena's Hobby Lobby

Rick Perry's newest Presidential ad -- sans Carhartt -- shows our Governor gleefully discussing one of his favorite topics. No, not mandated transvaginal sonograms. The other one, y'all.

That's right: corrupt politicians. More specifically, legislators who turn into lobbyists. Po-tay-to, po-tah-toe. Frankly, I'm surprised Perry hasn't brought this up before. There are so many of them in the Texas Capitol that they should rename the Cloakroom the Revolving Door.

But I'm truly grateful that Perry did take time out of his busy downhill campaign to talk about this because I have grown increasingly concerned about one former Democrat-turned-Republican-turned-Coward, Aaron Pena, who has been saying to practically everyone but Santa Claus how poor his time in office has made him, as if we owe him something. So I guess Pena got into politics for all the right reasons. Fame and fortune and whatnot.

Now, in light of Perry's latest ad, it seems to me that Pena's in a little bit of a bind. The Messiah of Texas Republican Politics has stuffed his own mandate up the hoo-hahs of retiring Texas legislators like Pena who might be looking to add "lobbyist" to their LinkedIn profiles.

Speaking for the professional left (read: those who, unlike Aaron Pena, have not been paid $7200 a year by the state of Texas to be a Democrat), I'd like to issue my former blog buddy a challenge:

I want Aaron Pena to vow to not enter the revolving door of lobbying now that he is no longer running for office.

It shouldn't be that hard, after all. I'm sure Pena has lots of friends down there in Edinburg who would love to hire a disloyal, weak and easily swayed former Legislator.

Go get 'em, tiger.

2 Response to "Aaron Pena's Hobby Lobby"

  • downfromtheledge Says:

    are all texas businessmen-turned-presidential candidates required to flash that same sh*t-eating grin, or what's the deal here?

    i remember him vetoing a manufacturer-supported TV recycling bill during the time i lived in austin. let's see...against recycling, against women's rights, wants to randomly delete whichever departments of gov't he can remember at the time...seems like someone i could get behind.

  • Admonkey Says:

    Are we sure that, with the hiccup in redistricting and the filing deadline extension, he won't decide to change his mind and go ahead and file for reelection?