Rick Perry Channels His Inner Miss Teen South Carolina

Rick Perry went on the Today Show this morning to mop up the "Oops" he left on the national stage last night. While watching this morning's Perry permasmile, the coddling and "Let's give him another shot!" attitude of Anne Curry, I was remind how Curry handled another verbally-challenged show pony from a few years back: Miss Teen South Carolina. Maybe if the whole president thing doesn't work out, Rick Perry can start his own reality show called "Are You Smarter Than a Texas Governor." Watch, compare and share below.

Unless, of course, you forget to. Oops.


2 Response to "Rick Perry Channels His Inner Miss Teen South Carolina"

  • Lee Says:

    He's channeling his inner Sesame Street: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q9dbd_dIDy8

  • downfromtheledge Says:

    ur great. that girl's 2nd take on answering the question was only marginally better than the "U.S. Americans" blubbering disaster. dear lord. they should not be trying to make her feel better.

    just call him g dubya the 2nd. i just caught a glimpse of him on letterman making fun of himself. it's over, buddy.

    what happened to hiding your face in shame people?