Two Things That Are Completely Not Related

Just like Sarah Palin mentioning Rick Perry's Presidential run is a coincidence, right? Right?

March 25, 2011

May 31, 2011

Update: This quote, via the Statesman, is worth a look:
Steve Bercu, owner of BookPeople in Austin, said it appears Perry has "chosen to favor an out-of-state retailer over the thousands of us here who employ millions of Texans. If that's his idea of being business-friendly, it doesn't strike me as being especially friendly to Texas businesses."
H/T Mack Simpson.

1 Response to "Two Things That Are Completely Not Related"

  • Logan Says:

    Two Questions That Are Completely Not Related:

    1. Do you have to pay taxes for orders in any state?
    2. How are the other 49 states doing in job creation/retention right now?