I'm in.

Because of these people:

Why are you in?

5 Response to "I'm in."

  • Zach E Says:

    I'm in because our party has people like Rachel who challenge our beliefs and push for commonsense solutions that help the middle class.

  • Anonymous Says:

    Is that MeanRachel @ 2:05?

    I'm in because I'm more about love and less about fear. I'm in because people are more important than corporations. I'm in because I still have hope that we can change.

  • Vik Verma Says:

    I'm in -- ALL IN!

    I'm in because the work never stops. We have accomplished a great deal, but we have more to do.

    Great video, Rachel!

  • Anonymous Says:

    I'm not in...because niether party actually wanted to pass the budget.They both sides think their entitled and no replaceable..Wrong answer for alot of them in both parties..