Aaron Pena Wants to Watch You Vote

I know it's been a while since I've written about this toad, but State Representative Aaron Pena (tilde purposefully omitted due to his lack of interest in protecting minority voters) has gone and sold out again. Take it away, Anthony Gutierrez of the TDP:
If Republican State Representative Aaron Pena gets his way, voter intimidation will soon be legal. Pena is the author of House Bill 2588, which strikes the part of current law that keeps watchers from being able to be present at the voting station if the voter is being assisted. So basically, if you are healthy and able to vote without assistance, you get to cast a secret ballot. If you have a physical disability or an inability to read the language in which the ballot is written then you would no longer have a right to a secret ballot.
That's right. Mr. "Open Government" Pena wants to make it easier for a poll watcher to peer over your shoulder while you cast your vote for the elected official of your choice. This probably has something to do with the fact that Pena needs to be assisted when casting his own votes, either by a deep-pocketed lobbyist or an influential Republican map-drawer. Or maybe it's because he can't see over his own ego-filled gullet. Either way, I don't understand how Big Brother watching over the shoulders of the disabled, the elderly and those with the inability to read has anything to do with getting back to moderate values or the Obama administration's response to border issues, both of which Pena cited as being his bogus reasons for switching parties.

In related news, I recently announced on Twitter that I was excited to be heading down to Hidalgo County, Pena's home turf, where I have been invited to speak about social media at the Hidalgo County Democratic Party's Spring Meeting on Saturday at UTPA. Pena tweeted at me that I was always welcome in his district and I retorted that it must be awkward for him that they can't say the same thing about him down there.

I'll be giving a social media training as well as selecting a potential Democratic candidate from the audience to receive a consultation on their social media strategy, so it should be an informative, productive meeting. State Senator Juan "Chuy" Hinojosa will also be there giving a legislative update regarding the budget cuts. Democrats are invited to attend and more details can be found here. I found out tonight they had to move the event to a bigger room because of a large amount of interest in it, which means Aaron Pena might want to start drafting his concession tweet now.
Hidalgo County Democratic Party Spring Meeting


7 Response to "Aaron Pena Wants to Watch You Vote"

  • missris Says:

    Oooh this sounds like an awesome event. As for Aaron Pena, I say get him!

  • Eli Says:

    “Voters have a constitutionally-protected right to cast a secret ballot, and they do not lose that right when they become too sick or elderly to be able to vote without assistance. By sponsoring this legislation, Aaron Peña has betrayed his constituents to assist the efforts of Republican extremists observed ‘hovering’ over voters in minority precincts during the last election,” said Texas State Democratic Executive Committee member Elias Olivarez.

  • Anonymous Says:

    He showed his true colors when he jumped ship over to the Repubs. This latest simply confirms his toadism. I hope the voters see the turncoat for what he is. Rivet-rivet.

  • Anonymous Says:

    Funny how a steady diet of Ruth' Chris Steakhouse on the tab of lobbyists can make this one time "civil rights" attorney reconsider the value of Jim Crow laws.

  • ChagoFuentes Says:

    You might want to join in my request to the Burnt Orange Report to remove Aaron's "A Capitol Blog" from the blog directory of the Best of Texas Left on their website. Aaron forfeited any claim to be associated with the left, liberals, progressives and the like when he switched parties and broke ranks with his constituents.

  • ChagoFuentes Says:

    Never mind about Aaron's blog on the Burnt Orange Report. They deleted him today without ceremony. By the way, Aaron has engineered a redistricting fiasco in which he essentially flips his current District 40 (full of Edinburg and Delta Democrats) for the only enclave of Republicans located in the wealthier neighborhoods of McAllen currently in District 41 represented by Veronica Gonzales. This was done in opposition to the most recent MALDEF redistricting plan which would have actually created a new Hispanic district in the Valley. Just another one of the "chips" from the deal with the devil that led to his party switch.

  • Zach Says:

    My new favorite part about this flyer is the fact that Rachel is referred to as "Democratic activist MEANRACHEL.COM"

    Reminds me of Basil Marceaux dot come: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1hvaeHllwtw