Twitter Ground Rules for Capitol Newbies

I don't know if the arctic air that blew in has put a damper on Session partying and caused staffers to stay in and practice their social networking skills or what.  In the last few days, I've seen an influx of Capitol staffers, lobbyists and electeds creating new Twitter accounts or reviving old ones that haven't been tweeted from since Aaron Pena was a real Democrat, which falls somewhere between a long time ago and never.

Anyway, for all you greeenhorns out there, here's a little list of Twitter do's and Twitter dear-Lord-don't's:

DO use your Twitter accounts for social good (and by "social good" I  mean "to notify the rest of us where the free booze is on any given evening").

DON'T pull a Linda Harper-Benz and accidentally tweet (when you mean to text) your staffers to "remember to wash your car in the morning." Note: It will not affect your ability to get re-elected but it will make you look like a self-centered jerk.

DON'T tweet at your boss at all after 11:30 PM or six drinks, whichever comes first. 

DON'T say anything nice about Rick Perry or you will receive the twrath (glossary: twitter + wrath = twrath) of @PhillipMartin.  Trust me.

DO tweet any breaking news and scoop the reporters whenever possible.

DO tweet a photo of Paul Burka asleep if you happen upon it.

DON'T curse on Twitter or else @GovernorPerry will block you and send radioactive waste to your state.  Wait, he'll do that either way, but he apparently blocks people who curse.  Or are Democratic bloggers.  Same-same.

DON'T make up words like "refudiate" and if you do, be prepared to get your own reality show.

DON'T be needy or else @RaRapoport will call your ass out.

DO follow me @MeanRachel here.

Finally, the biggest DON'T of all:

DON'T put anything in a Direct Message you wouldn't want your mom to see.  It's technology.  It often fails.  And it never goes away.

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