New Year Housekeeping

I thought I'd get some news items out of the way.  The best way to find out most of this is by following me on Twitter here.  Yeah, I tweet, so what?

I was FOX talking about Call Out Aaron Peña Day:

Peggy Fikac wins my Favorite Headline of 2010, "Angry Dem blogger mocks 'tilde-less' Peña." Who has two thumbs and is an angry Democratic blogger?  Yup.  This one.

Also, this is fun.   I was nominated for an Austin American Statesman Texas Social Media Award recently (which was super cool) and some Republicans (or maybe it's just Aaron Peña) have been having some fun by trashing me publicly.  If you'd like some enjoyable morning reading, I highly recommend you go read random Tea Partiers and conservatives' comments who are unclear on the concept of "advocacy" and how they just don't seem to understand that in no way am I a paid political consultant.

Happy 2011!


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