Often, when I meet someone, they say to me "Mean Rachel?  You're not mean."

Truth is, I'm not.

But what I am is a person of strong convictions with zero patience and a very, very short fuse.

So that's why it really frosts my Christmas cookies that Aaron Pena (hereby tilde-less and using his cleansed, conservative Republican namesake) decided to switch to the Republican Party a month after being elected as a Democrat.  This sure doesn't seem like some big life decision that Aaron Pena made randomly one cold December morning.  It's the decision made by someone who's looking out for numero uno, while his constituents live in poverty.

Now, to make matters worse, Pena is tweeting JFK platitudes to try to make people like myself less livid. "Forgive your enemies but never forget their names."  Really?  I don't think Rick Perry can even pronounce your name, Aaron.  He's also grousing about the "destruction of the center" which is really interesting given the fact that he has switched to a party whose leader wants to secede from the United States of AmericaHow the hell is that a move toward the center?

So yeah, I'm angry and I'm looking for a fight.  Pena, in Spanish, means a penalty or punishment.  And since Pena has always been such a social media warrior, voy a penar my amigo on his favorite battleground:  online.

So, please, join me and other bloggers and Twitterers for Call Out Aaron Pena Day.


6 Response to "Punishment"

  • Lakeside Slacker Says:

    I've been thinking about this party switching thing. Maybe all the Dems should switch. They could form the "Fallen Democrats Caucus" make up a secret handshake and maybe get a chairmanship or two.

    But not this Pena.

  • Anonymous Says:

    I'll point out that pena in Spanish also means a feeling of shame. Ironic in this case given his total lack thereof.

    Also, I'd like to request you add a "should have been meaner" category and that you put me down for one of those.

  • missris Says:

    The bastard! And now the Republicans have a supermajority in the House. Awesome. Looks like Texas can say goodbye to democracy.

  • Anonymous Says:

    Can't his constituents recall him, considering he's no longer representing their interests? After all they voted for a Democrat and not a Republican. Sounds to me like he intentionally committed fraud.

  • Anonymous Says:

    In spanish, "sin verguenza".

  • Anonymous Says:

    While I don't find Pena's decision problematic (because I think most pols are cooked weasels) and I find all the outrage disingenuous (what happened to the 'change things by getting in the system' battle cry?). It is EFFING HILARIOUS AND GREAT that you are making clever use of the language play and, well, he shudda thought of that before blabbing about the reformation and whatever the hell that was all about....