Follow Up to "Social Lobbying"

It was purely uncanny timing that my post on social lobbying went up on the same day that Austin-based ratings and reviews company Bazaarvoice announced that it hit a 1000-brand milestone.  CEO and co-founder Brett Hurt (on twitter: @bazaarbrett) has a post up about the announcement that even makes mention of the use of ratings and reviews in our government's future (emphasis mine):
When I left Coremetrics and started Bazaarvoice with Brant on May 2, 2005, it was because we were striving to help the eCommerce industry increase conversion. According to’s annual study, conversion rates were still under 3%, meaning 97% of visitors to eCommerce sites didn’t buy.
Soon we’ll share our opinions about everything — governments, employers, and people. This feedback won’t just help individuals make decisions — it has the power to improve almost everything in our world. It’s going to happen faster than you think — our 1,000 diverse and global brands are proving that.
This is a huge milestone for a quickly growing company based right here in Austin, and marks a larger shift in the way our own population is choosing to make decisions.  Working at a start-up with a similar potential for reach, it's exciting to see another local company with a global focus doing so stratospherically well.  Could this mean ratings and reviews are coming to your favorite politician's website sooner than we think?  Let's hope so.  For more on this issue, check out Hurt's piece on transparency and leadership (with specific mention of the Obama campaign opening the door to increasingly transparent government).

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  • missris Says:

    Very cool! I have a friend who works at Bazaarvoice and it sounds like a great place to work and an awesome concept.