"Nothing Good is Going to Happen"

I finally found some time over the long weekend, after I drove back from Port Aransas, walked my dog, did my laundry, tidied up my house, met a friend for drinks and caught up on The Office, to watch Senator Kirk Watson's "Honesty Agenda" that was filmed a couple of weeks ago.  Yes, all thirty minutes of it.

Despite the catchy title of the speech, I'm not going to lie to you: this is super boring.  I've seen buffet lines that were more exciting.  But, as boring as it is, this video -- or, more accurately, the topic of our state's budget crisis and the reform that needs to happen in the budget-writing process -- is also important.  So when you've done all you can do at the end of the day sometime this week, skip an episode of Modern Family on Hulu and consider watching this instead.  Your friends will probably laugh at you (or stage an intervention) but at least you'll walk away with a better grasp of what caused the budget shortfall and where we could (but likely won't) go from here to solve it.

Strongest point:

"They say 'There's no hope?' 'This is just the way it has to be under these circumstances?'
I say that's the same sort of deception and irresponsibility that got us here.
They say 'We're the victims of these uncertain times?'
I say they're the cause of them.
No one, no matter how conservative, should feel good about brutal cuts that would potentially put teachers out of their jobs, packing kids into classrooms and undercutting their ability to learn there."


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