Book Smart

For just under $50, will bundle Governor Perry's new book Fed Up! along with George W. Bush's new pageturner, Decision Points, and Sarah Palin's America By Heart.  Sarah's is priced, naturally, the lowest -- perhaps the alternative title should have been "Doin' Equal Pay Proud."

Looking for something more?  For another $1.08 trillion, will also bundle both the Iraq and Afghanistan wars for you.

From our Texas Republican disasters to yours, happy holidays, America.

1 Response to "Book Smart"

  • Anonymous Says:

    If Amazon advertised & sold the bundle as TP for less than my usual brand (6.99 for 12 rolls), and I got free shipping then maybe I'd consider buying the 3 books. On second thought, I still don't want to give these 3 stooges any of my money, no matter how the books are bundled.