Texts from Last Night: Texas Election Night Edition

Wonder what the Texas political scene is going to look like on November 2nd?  Texts from Last Night has nothing on Texas's Texts from Election Night.  See if you can put an area code to a name in the texts below.

11/2/10 6:55 PM
(8683-2) You have five minutes left to VOTE! YOUR VOTE IS YOUR VOICE! | Tiene cinco minutos para VOTAR! SU VOTO ES SU VOZ! Reply VOTE for polling locations.  - http://www.billwhitefortexas.com

11/2/10 6:56 PM
(6689-07) Don't let the liberals take over!  You have five minutes left to make sure none of YOUR hard-earned money gets spent on illegals. Reply YES to sign your soul to the Republican party.  Reply STOP to stop gay marriage for good. - http://www.texansforrickperry.com


11/2/10 6:02 PM
(713) Where are U?  UR staff said meet at Kinky's ranch in Wimberly?
11/2/10 6:37 PM
(BLOCKED) Sry Shamster, mistake - meant Game Ranch off 290
11/2/10 6:38
(713) my press secretary mustve read it wrong. see you l8r for VICTORY!!! bringing bedazzled CHI like u asked
11/2/10 7:14 PM
(512) just left the polls.  So excited to give Perry the boot!  Where are you?
11/2/10 7:16 PM
(512) drinking at my house
11/2/10 7:16 PM
(512) cool, going anywhere tonight to celebrate?
11/2/10 7:17 PM
(512) He'll no, that's like going out on Valentine's Day to celebrate being alone.
(512) I meant he'll.
(512) Damnit!! Hell
11/2/10 1:25 AM
(512) why are you so mean?
11/2/10 8:35 PM
(713) Hola amiga, buena suerte tonight.
11/2/10 8:45 PM
(210) It's a little late for Latino outreach, amigo. 
11/2/10 9:05 PM
(214) I told you those polls were right.
11/2/10 9:15 PM
(512) Only 85% of precints are reporting, stop writing the eulogy before its over!!!
11/2/10 11:45 PM
(512) my bastterey s dieying..whrer r u@? we r drownng ou rsorrows @sholz.

11/2/10 11:45 PM
(BLOCKED)  We did it!  Thanks for all your help.  You're a great Texan and friend.
11/2/10 11:57
(202) Don't thank me, it's your deficit now.

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