Mean Pre-Weekend Roundup

Statesman: I'm feeling a bit conflicted by this cool slideshow of the Austin skyline at ACL over the years, given my fasciation with the changing Austin skyline and my "not in my town" attitude about ACL.  But I always love a good before and after, so it's worth checking out.

Michelle's Blog: Ever have one of those "I wish I wrote that" moments?  Yeah, well, I often have that moment when I read Michelle Greer (@michellegreer), particularly her latest post, Dear Gowalla, It's Not You, It's Me.  Brilliant, funny and -- I'm gonna say it -- some social good.  I've slowed in my use of both Foursquare and Whrrl but don't even have the Gowalla app on my iPhone.

Bazaarvoice: "Do you have Mickey Mouse waffles?" What question is your target audience - be it political or otherwise? - asking that you're not answering?

Washington Post: "If people approached air travel the way they approach major surgery - is your pet healthy enough to fly, young enough to fly? - pets would fly a lot more safely," said Farris. (Disclosure: I work for

WSJIs it gin o'clock yet?  Why yes, it is.  Have a great weekend.  I'm headed to Montreal for a work conference and won't be back till Thursday, so I apologize in advance if things get dusty around here (or more dusty than usual).  You can always follow me on Twitter here.

Shameless plug:  While we're on the subject of public relations, I'll be speaking on Thursday, Oct. 28th at Texas State University's Mass Communications Week on a panel called "New Rules of PR: Game Changing Tips and Tools from the Trenches."  Thanks to LuAnn Glowacz (@luannsaid) of Wordcove and Jenna Oltersdorf (@jennasnacks) of Snackbox for the invite.  I'll try not to embarrass you--oh who am I kidding?

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