Linda Chavez-Thompson: "Responsabilidad"

Goal ThermometerWhy am I a Democrat? Because I never feel more proud to be an American than I do when I'm reminded that I live in a country with a storied history of embracing vast diversity.  I will always support a Party that protects this important value of our country.

Leaders like Linda Chavez-Thompson are walking success stories of the American Dream, a return on investment of the American value and beacon of hope for the future of our country. Linda Chavez-Thompson's story is one of dedication overcoming defeat, standing up instead of sitting down, and a commitment to progress over politics. 

These are the qualities of a public servant, not a politician.  These are the qualities of a person who will better our state.

Linda Chavez-Thompson is why I'm a Democrat.  What's your reason?

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1 Response to "Linda Chavez-Thompson: "Responsabilidad""

  • missris Says:

    Obvious answer? Rebecca Bell-Metereau. More involved answer? Because I can trust the Democrats to screw things up less, to be less corrupt, and to be less in the pockets of big business. I can trust them to support social programs more, and to be more intelligent, thoughtful, and willing to listen to others. I could go on and on but that's my short answer.