Itching to vote? Here's one ballot you can cast now.

This is a really cool project that the Texas Observer is trying to win a grant for:  $5000 to enable a citizen journalism network (iObserve) to enable citizens to track and report on the legislative process.

The deadline is today and they're not far off from winning.  Unfortunately, the voting process is completely tedious -- so you'll need to pay close attention to the voting rules below.

I know, I know - no one ever said voting was easy.


FIRST! Read the info below for help in navigating the voting. It’s a bit of a haul but our appreciation is boundless. YOU MUST VOTE FOR 3 TO 5 PROJECTS FOR YOUR VOTE TO COUNT. There are plenty of great ideas.

FIRST:  Click here.  You will then need to register for an account.

1. After registering, you’ll get a password emailed to you. Follow the link, log in and go to the Project Gallery (click on Projects tab).

2. The project is called The Texas Observer Citizen Networking. It’s on the 4th page. Another way to find it to type Texas Observer in the keyword search under the Issues & Regions tab.

3. To vote, check the box under the project title labeled Vote for this project: ___ FACT Social Justice Challenge. Vote for at least 2 other projects.

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