Hot or Not: Rick Perry's Ugly Governing

While Governor Perry funnels money via a fancy-sounding, taxpayer-funded technology fund into the pockets of his biggest campaign contributors, our focus turned to a much more serious issue today: Are Perry’s looks a factor in winning over the female vote?

That’s the question being asked by the Houston Chronicle’s Peggy Fikac today. Fikac’s pieces are typically much stronger, so I was surprised to see this come up at all:
When a poll by a group of newspapers including the San Antonio Express-News/Houston Chronicle showed that about 50 percent of women likely to vote favor GOP Gov. Rick Perry — compared to 40 percent for Democratic challenger Bill White - some called it a testament to Perry's looks.
Fikac goes on to quote the anonymous, pro-Perry blog “Rick vs. Kay,” who speculates that “Rick is who [women] wish their husbands looked like at age 60.”

I don’t know who writes Rick vs. Kay, but I’d wager he (yes, the writer is definitely a he) doesn’t know much about Texas women. Not only can a good portion of us saddle a horse with more confidence than Rick Perry crawls out of bed with every morning, but we also don’t vote with our libidos. If that was the case, we’d have a whole lot more Rafael Anchias and a lot less Leo Bermans.

But, let's get down to the real issue behind this whole "Women will vote for Rick Perry because he's better looking" whisper campaign.  It's really just a weak attempt to justify the fact that the only reason a man has ever stopped to even listen to the words coming out of Sarah Palin's mouth is because she looks like a librarian who's just dumb enough to get it on in the library and just hot enough to make it worth their time.  So there you go, Rick vs. Kay.  Two can play at that game.

Female voters -- and I’m going to venture to say that this goes across party lines -- vote using two things: their brains and their hearts. If a woman thinks that someone has her best interest in mind, and feels that his or her heart is in the right place, then they’re going to support them. And if we happen to notice that Rick Perry, who doesn’t believe women deserve a place at the table, consistently excludes women from his fundraisers and outreach, then we’re not going to vote for him no matter how good he looks in a pair of Wrangler’s.

The audacity to live in a $10,000-a-month rental mansion during a $21 billion dollar budget shortfall?  Pay-for-play appointees?  Rick Perry can manscape all he wants, but it's his governing that's ugly.

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