"For all you naysayers..."

This is a curious video (which only shows, shouting muscled man after shouting muscled man, one woman whispering from a bed).

I think it's meant to inspire voters/activists but...it just makes me feel empty.  We're supposed to get motivated by movie stars and fictional heroes?  Someone ought to show this to Bill White.  I know he likes "just being Bill" but it's time to start getting passionate about why he's here.  That's not my job.  It's his.


2 Response to ""For all you naysayers...""

  • Mack Simpson Says:

    That's from the DGA, but it's awful all the same.

    Most of the Dem advertising I've seen this cycle has been abysmal, across the board. It feels like the same two consultants are responsible for everything-- nothing stands out, everything is "safe" and more than a little tone deaf.

    Bill Bernbach, a pretty famous, well-regarded ad guy from back in the day, said it best:

    "If your advertising goes unnoticed, everything else is academic."

    I hope we're plowing money into the ground game; the mass media strategy-- even the online (supposedly) viral stuff-- has missed the mark.

    Oh. And your post could have been meaner. ;-P

  • Logan Says:

    It's hard to get excited when you're gonna lose 60-90 seats in the house. It's 1948 again but this time it's the R's turn.