The Weems train takes off

Jeff Weems, Democratic nominee for Railroad Commissioner, has earned the endorsements of both the Dallas Morning News and the Houston Chronicle late last week.

Weems represents one of the Democrats' best chances for winning a statewide office this year, after the Republican party was so busy being afraid of Latinos, they forgot to vote for their Latino incumbent during the primary and Victor Carrillo lost to a no-name, no-experience dark horse candidate.

But you know what they say.  "What's bad for Republicans is good for the co-op."  To the endorsements!

Houston Chronicle on Weems:
Weems appears particularly well briefed on important environmental and technical issues relating to the hydraulic fracturing method widely used to access the enormous gas reserves in shale formations here in Texas and across several areas of the nation. He shows needed sensitivity to the potential environmental risks, but also a welcome understanding that "fracking," if properly monitored, has a vital role to play in the development of these needed reserves. As commissioner, he says he would insist on that careful monitoring. To reach that goal, he says he would aggressively pursue additional funding from the Legislature, a chore he says commissioners have done an "awful job" with at the Capitol.
Dallas Morning News on Weems:
Seldom do we run into a first-time candidate for any office and wonder why that person hasn’t already been elected to the job. But that’s how impressed this newspaper is with Democrat Jeff Weems, who is seeking election to the Texas Railroad Commission.
The 52-year-old Houston attorney would be ready on Day One to make a significant contribution, which is why we strongly recommend him for the three-member panel.
Not only does Weems have ample experience, but he's got a lot of Elvis too.  At the Democratic State Convention, Weems stopped by the #TDPSC Tweet-Up and gave a barn-burner of a speech in which he really fired up the audience.  He kind of reminds me of the Montana governor who stole the show at the 2008 National Convention in Denver, Brian Schweitzer. 

I typically imagine the Railroad Commissioners as grizzled, bearded prospectors chewing on pipes sitting around in grimy gas stations and repairing train trestles.  Weems has been running eagerly and positively since the primary, doing some great online media outreach and connecting with voters.  I'm looking forward to seeing him infuse that energy and passion into the RRC.

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