Things that make you go...hmm.

"Successful" Principles

Rick Perry spoke to conservative bloggers over the weekend at the RedState Gathering.  From a safe distance on Twitter, I gathered his speech was about his "principles of successful governing."  Rick Perry giving a speech on his principles of successful governing is like Sarah Palin giving a speech on her principles of successful abstinence education.  Like the Houston Chronicle said in their endorsement of Bill White this weekend, "Texas can't afford another four years of Rick Perry."

See: Media Training

Democrat Jim Sharp, a candidate you've likely never heard of running for a seat some are going to skip on the ballot, had some "not-so-sharp" things to say about Linda Chavez-Thompson and Bill White this weekend in the Statesman.  This time of year, I think it's traditional for one Democrat to shoot himself in the foot, that way any other Democrats who were thinking of doing the same will smell their own blood in the water and shut the hell up.  Meanwhile, I picked up another donation for Linda over the weekend and if you think someone saying that a "labor boss" shouldn't be allowed to run for Lt. Governor is completely wrong, then I encourage you to donate to Linda here.

Update - Some additional blogs on this subject that particularly intrigued me:
Half Empty:
Texas, Sharp says, is too racist to elect an Hispanic to statewide office. Texas, Sharp says is to anti-feminine to elect a woman to statewide office. And finally, Texas is too anti-union to elect a “union boss” to statewide office.

Maybe so. Maybe he’s right. I don’t really have a whole lot of regard for the world view of the average Texan, I really don’t. But then again, had I maintained my opinion of the world view of your average American in 2008, I never would have supported Barack Obama for the presidential nomination.
Juanita Jean:
“Jim thinks that Bill White shouldn’t be Governor because he hasn’t held statewide office. I know Bill White,” Juanita announces. “He’s been in the White House. He’s qualified to be President of the United States. Tomorrow. Give him 20 minutes of Hebrew lessons and he could perform a bar mitzvah.”

The $200,000 Question

The Washington Post reports that, in these times of economic woes, skipping college might be a good investment. They quoted hedge fund manager James Altucher as saying, "You've been fooled into thinking there's no other way for my kid to get a job . . . or learn critical thinking or make social connections."  I know I certainly felt this way when I was 18, and I feel about the same way now.  The only thing I feel like I lost out on by not going to college was a football team to root for and a first marriage.  Why is tuition so high?  I couldn't begin to tell you. But if you think about the fact that society has placed a premium on a certain quality of life and earning power, then you can bet your B.S. that it's going to cost you.  For a graduate's perspective on the student loan world, check out Missris, who writes, "I moved to Chicago for grad school and had to take out oodles of debt. Am I glad I did it? Yes. Do I feel like I was misled and a bit tricked? Yes."

Ready, Aim, Kill

Killing Afghanistan civilians for sport?  Not our, yes, our heroes.  There's a cost to training people how to kill and if you give them enough gadgets and gizmos, human life can become just another red dot on a heat map.  On Killing by Lt. Col. David Grossman is a must-read on this very issue.

What else has you taking a pause this week?

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