The Texas Tribune Talks Linda

I'm going to confess something here:

Not every day, because I don't like losing, but MOST every day (because I am, after all, a Democrat) I play a daily quiz game on my iPhone called QRANK.  Developed right here in Austin, it covers a wide spectrum of trivia topics, everything from questions like "What is the name of the longest bone in a pygmy goat's leg?" to "What festival takes place in Zilker Park every fall in Austin?"  Your scores get ranked among friends in your social networks, so everyone can see who their dumbest friend is.

Every day, I play QRANK and Evan Smith, CEO of the Texas Tribune, completely kicks my ass.

Not by two points, or ten points, but by thousands of points.  I don't know if he was conceived on a stack of Encyclopedia Britannicas or what, but he is without a doubt one of the smartest people I know.  And by "know" I mean "occasionally bitch at via email."  Sorry, Evan.

It's no secret that I'm a big fan of Linda Chavez-Thompson (disclosure: I've raised over $2300 for her since the primary).  While I was unable to make the TribLive event this week when she was interviewed by Evan (Honestly? Those things need to be happy hours and they need to happen around the state, some of us have day jobs and live outside of Austin), I did tune into the TribCast to hear the employees of the Texas Tribune talk about Linda.

Here's what Evan had to say (you can listen here - this starts at about 8:15 into the podcast):
I found her to be extremely articulate, passionate about the issues she’s running on and unafraid of being a Democrat...
She knows who she is and knows who she’s not and, while it’s very difficult for anybody in a situation like that to be competitive in this year, in this state, I found her to be, generally speaking, an impressive candidate...
It was clear to me in five minutes that she had a complete grasp on what it meant to be Lt. Governor and the job that she could do.
Looks like Evan and I agree on something, after all.

Today is an important fundraising deadline, the last major one before Election Day.  If you believe that smart, intelligent people can change things, then this stops being about giving because you're "in it to win it."  Please give to Linda Chavez-Thompson today because you're in it to advance the progress of candidates who are smart enough to run for what people believe in, instead of being political enough to run from what they're afraid of.

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