Are we becoming a nanny state?

I participated in a live viewer panel tonight on Fox 7 News with reporter Foti Kallergis, as Tropical Depression Hermine poured (and continues to pour) tons of rain on our dear city.
The last time I was interviewed by Foti was around the same time of year last September, when another rain storm had caused quite a ruckus at the annual ACL Festival. 
It was a full-circle moment as we talked government intrusion and civil liberties tonight.  What do you think? Are we a becoming a "nanny" state?  Let me know in the comments and enjoy the show.


2 Response to "Are we becoming a nanny state?"

  • RVAC106 Says:

    You were so well behaved. No way I could've held my tongue. I would've asked the last gentleman if he realized that he, like the new TP candidate Paul, could have used that argument to vote against the civil rights bill. Can't tell me who I can serve in my establishment.

    There will always be a need for 'nanny', because almost everyone is out for themselves. 'Stay out of my business, unless....'

    Let's say you sell tickets to a desert road race. Let's say you allow the spectators to stand 1 foot away from the edge of the track, and they do, because they want to, and because they can. Let's say a truck goes out of control, and into the stands, and 8 people are killed. Do we need to pass new legislation to force the track operator to deny those patrons who want to stand 1 foot away from the track the right to do so? If we care about those people, then, yeah, we need new laws. But, but, the track operator will lose seats, and make less money, and have to lay off workers, so, it's bad for the people, so, stay out of my business.

    I think the nanny state exists, and is necessary, and no body really wants to admit that's where we are. Green energy, and drilling moratoriums in the deep water, are just two of the areas that desperately need the backing and the policing of the government. Otherwise, brown outs, and blow outs ensue.

  • John Woods Says:

    I like Foti. He's a good reporter, has interviewed me a couple of times and been pretty fair.