And they say they're not racist.

They say sunlight is the best disinfectant.

So excuse me while I do my best to shine a light on an Austin conservative political blog, Urban Grounds, written by Robbie Cooper.  He offered a recap of President Obama's Iraq speech last night:
Paul Mirengoff gets it exactly right when he says, “Obama tried to give the appearance of graciousness without actually being gracious. Among his many other faults, the man has no class.”

That’s it right there — that’s the thing: President Bush is a man who exudes class and a grace that Obama is completely bereft of.
"Class and grace."  Not the words I'd use, but fair enough.  Let's take a look at the comments on this post.
Image from yesterday at Fort Bliss. 
It just begs for a caption.

So, do you like Gladiator movies?

Actually, the soldiers reaction is indicative of a man who knows he is being condescended to.
A classic Alinsky tactic by B. Hussein, to show his target is beneath him.

Posted by no2liberals | September 1, 2010, 10:44 am

          Dude, that is the look that says, “Get your fucking hand off of my shoulder, mister. I’m not your boy and I’m not your friend. If my CO wasn’t standing here and your SS guys weren’t standing nearby, I’d knock you on your ass.”
          Posted by Robbie Cooper | September 1, 2010, 12:49 pm

That guy probably is thinking that he avoided being touched by dirty filthy muslims in the sandbox only to come home and be touched by our dirty stinky muslim president.

Posted by Jax | September 1, 2010, 11:03 am

Not only that, but what does a muslim use his left hand for?

Posted by no2liberals | September 1, 2010, 11:07 am
Wipe their ass and then share a hookah with it.
Posted by Jax | September 1, 2010, 11:30 am
Class and grace is a two-way street, my friends.

10 Response to "And they say they're not racist."

  • rvac106 Says:


    There's nothing to say. It's very hard to have a discussion with someone when the first thing they tell you is, "You're not going to change my mind." That makes it really tough. Doesn't mean we shouldn't try, though. Will I add a comment to the a/m thread? I will not. They wouldn't hear. There's an interesting article in the current Time Mag listing some of the accomplishments of this admin. Too bad the repubs seem to be controlling the conversation. The Dems are running out of time. How to compete with Fox news, which produced the following sentence, yesterday.

    (Anticipating the President's address last night,) a Fox commentator said, "So how do you think Mr. Obama will assess President Bush's programs?"

    It's all right there.


  • Mean Rachel Says:

    Yes. Quite telling, indeed.

    Thanks for stopping by.

  • Logan Says:

    @RVAC - so you're saying you're willing to listen to me and possibly change your mind?

    @Rachel - since you enjoy this kind of detective work maybe you can see how long it would take you to find racist speech on YouTube comments... my personal best is .4 seconds :) Thanks for pointing out the obvious!

  • Mean Rachel Says:

    Logan, it's not exactly detective work. Urban Grounds links to me. I read it occasionally when I have the stomach for it.

    I don't know why you're so threatened by me pointing out racist people but clearly it bothers you. You might want to try some introspection to figure out why that is.

  • Logan Says:

    @Rachel - my point was that it doesn't take detective work to find racist speech, it's EVERYWHERE! I figured you could read into that.
    Nice tactic on calling me threatened, no response, no justification. What bothers me is that you group some racist people on the internet in with all people of a similar color, religion or political affiliation. To me.. that's more dangerous than a couple of fools and their comments. Fools are easy to ignore, you should try it.

  • Mean Rachel Says:

    How did I lump them into a group or political affiliation? I barely even commented on it. I just copy/pasted what they wrote.

    Fools whose profile pictures are Obama's mouth slit like The Joker and who say they'd like to knock the "dirty stinky Muslim President" on his ass are also dangerous if ignored.

  • Logan Says:

    You should go listen to a New Black Panthers rally, i'd be interested to see if you would defend whites as much as you are defending your license plate or do you only dislike racism when the people you support are the victim?

    p.s. you lumped them in by pointing out it was a conservative blog.
    p.p.s. first amendment!

  • Mean Rachel Says:

    I dislike racism on any count. Period.

    As for pointing out a conservative blog, that's because IT IS. I typically explain what type of blog I'm writing about when I quote them - that goes for BOTH sides. If I was writing about a Democratic or progressive blog, I'd say the same thing. Sheesh.

    First amendment, indeed.

  • Viv Sesse Says:

    Rachel may have been a bit too quick to label you "threatened" but you're totally trying to change the subject by talking about black panthers and license plates. Stick to the subject at hand.

  • Anonymous Says:

    Why should we ignore fools LOGAN when you obviously can't. Racism is everywhere. I always enjoy those Muslims e-mails written by Andy Martin a known Anti Semite my Republican friends so gleefully send me. The wonderful thing about living in Texas is you get to see Racism up front and center. I am pretty sure the Klan member who burned a torch in his front yard and in full dress in Mckinney, TX because a black person moved in is a registered Republican. I also enjoy my new Tea Party neighbors who want their country back which started around November 2008. You can try to divert the conversation by pointing your finger back at me because I know it's easier than looking in the mirror.