While we're on the subject of cowards...

Yesterday, the Rick Perry is a Coward ad done by the Back to Basics PAC ran in 24 newspapers across the state of Texas. I asked friends and family members from across the state to send me pictures to see how Rick Perry looked in newsprint in their local dailies. Many thanks to everyone who sent in pictures.

The Austin American Statesman

The McAllen Monitor
The Laredo Morning TimesThe Odessa American
The Houston Chronicle

Yup, the same paper that called me a "Republican with Democratic connections" yesterday (the error has since been corrected) refused to print the Coward ad. As reported by the Texas Tribune's Reeve Hamilton:
"It is kind of a glaring omission," says Back to Basics spokesman Cliff Walker. "Basically, the content that was accepted at 24 other papers was rejected."

The ad attacks Perry for being unwilling to debate Bill White, his Democratic opponent, or go before newspaper editorial boards. Ultimately, the decision at the Chronicle all came down to that one very visible word: "coward."
Blogger PDiddie at Brains and Eggs has canceled his subscription to the Chronicle, saying "I just can't support cowardice like this. I'm guessing that the Chronicle isn't in line to sponsor a gubernatorial debate either."

Got a pic of your paper's Perry ad? Email it to me and I'll add it to the long list of papers who, unlike the Houston Chronicle and Rick Perry, aren't cowards.

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