Where does Rick Perry's rent stack up with the stars?

Rick Perry rental mansion celebrity Britney Spears
After hearing that Rick Perry spends about $10,000 worth of taxpayer money a month to pay his landlords, I got to wondering where he stacked up against other celebs in his pay-as-he-goes lifestyle.

To summarize my findings: Rick Perry seems to have the spending habits of a drugged-out, possibly insane, Hollywood starlet.

'Cause that's who you want running the state of Texas.

1. Britney Spears - $30,000/month for a New Jersey rental mansion

2. Lindsay Lohan - $11,500/month for a Los Angeles rental mansion

3. Rick Perry - $9,900/month for a West Austin rental mansion

4. Mischa Barton - $7,000/month for a trendy Tribeca flat

5. Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen - $6,000/month each for a shared West Village penthouse (hey, at least they room together!)

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