Rick Perry is a coward. Any questions?

Back to Basics is laying it out in black and white: Rick Perry is a coward for refusing to debate Bill White or talk to editorial boards. Even the Eagle in Bryan-College Station, the hometown of Rick Perry's alma-mater, issued an editorial today chastising Perry for refusing to debate, saying:
What is he hiding from the people he was elected to serve? It's fine to speak to groups of supporters. His ego certainly gets a boost.
But he is governor of all Texans and answerable not only to those who love him, but to the rest who aren't sure.
Perry might not like the questions asked and the issues raised in public debates. That's too bad. If he wants to keep his job, he needs to let Texans raise them
The full-page ad above hits newspapers in twenty cities across Texas on Tuesday but was leaked on Sunday night.

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