An Open Letter to Rick Perry

Dear Rick Perry, Governor of Texas who Blocks Me on Twitter:

The Texas Tribune is reporting that you're insisting you work 24/7, despite the fact that your official schedule says you only work seven hours a week on state business.

Let's just assume that you really do work hard. In which case, as a Texas citizen, I only have one request:


Maybe things would be less screwed up in this state if you worked less often.

Clearly with Rick Perry, less is more.



3 Response to "An Open Letter to Rick Perry"

  • lush Says:

    I like how Perry get the "or her" in there as an afterthought when he asks us to introduce him to anyone who can out work him. Meh.

  • Mean Rachel Says:

    yeah he's a real equal rights activist, ain't he?

  • BockBockPerry Says:

    Wow, if you close your eyes it almost sounds like Bush. If you squint your eyes it almost looks like Bush, but with more hair. That smirk, that talking out of the corner of his mouth! Has Perry adopted a new persona in order to win re-election?