The Devil's in the Details. Subtitled: Everyone Else is Just Broke

Look, I don't subscribe to the "citizen journalist" title because a) I don't have a journalism degree and b) I don't have any degree. I much prefer the pajama-wearing, beer-drinking blogger stereotype because, as I can confirm for you right now, I'm writing this in my pajamas while drinking a Shiner. But it's moments like this when I'm particularly glad I'm not a journalist because I really don't have the time, willpower or mental bandwith to explain to you Governor Rick Perry's most recent ethics snafu. That's what the Dallas Morning News and websites like Rick's Dirty Deals are for.

And I gotta hand it to him: Slick Rick's got me beat on this one. While I consider myself to be smart, I certainly wouldn't be able to figure out how to talk an international arms dealer with ties to the Rwandan genocide into buying my lake house at $400,000 over market value while simultaneously not paying as much in taxes as I should have been paying on said lake house.

If idle hands are the devil's workshop, wealthy Republicans are the devil's power tools. While Rick Perry may have room in his busy seven-hour work week to concoct shady deals with other extremely rich white men, most everyone else in Texas is just trying to scrape by. And if you needed another reason not to vote for Rick Perry, how about this one: When was the last time you had this much free time to work on getting rich?

Like I said. It's deals like this that put the "deep" into deep shade, and nights like this that I'm glad I don't have to report the news--I just get to spit at it.

4 Response to "The Devil's in the Details. Subtitled: Everyone Else is Just Broke"

  • Logan Says:

    I was in a ballroom tonight filled with 200+ rich white people and they were all there to GIVE. Why do you stereotype and hate rich white people? And why do you think that MOST people in Texas are trying to SCRAPE by? Stats please, back it up!

  • Political Says:

    I don't know how "mean" this is; but, I will say how I LOVE your style...I see Molly in you with your unique and own twist!

  • Mean Rachel Says:

    Logan, I don't hate rich white people. I simply don't like the way Perry is profiteering and evading taxes while over 3.7M Texans live in poverty and Texas has an $18M budget deficit. Oh and since you ask for facts, here you go: back in January, Politifact checked the statement "Most Texans aren't millionaires" and found it to be true.

    I also don't like rich white men like Allan Moffatt who arm Rwandan genocide.

    Also, I can't believe they didn't give you an award for attending an event where rich white people give money. I really think you deserve one.

  • Mean Rachel Says:

    Thanks Political - that's very kind of you to say. A high compliment, indeed!