Your State Convention Twitter Fix

Want to know what your favorite State Rep had for breakfast? Looking for pictures of that county judge doing the chicken dance? This weekend, be sure to follow tweets from everyone at the TDP State Convention to stay up to date on all convention happenings, from points of order to dolphin shows!

All tweets and photos from the convention will be aggregated live here, so even if you can't make the convention you can still stay up to date. If you're on Twitter can follow along by saving the #TDPSC hashtag in your smartphone's Twitter application!

If you're headed to the Convention, be sure to stop by the official TDP State Convention Tweet-Up on Friday from 12-1 PM at the American Bank Center in Room 104. Representative Aaron Peña, everyone's favorite twittering politician, will be emceeing the event -- in 140 characters or less!

Be sure to RSVP here and don't forget to use the #TDPSC hashtag in all your tweets and TwitPics. See you in Corpus!

Bonus: I've compiled all of the people using the #TDPSC hashtag into a Twitter list. You can click here to see what else they're up to, or you can follow each user on the list on Twitter in one simple click on the button below:


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