Seven Cycles of Stupid

Congressman John Carter is out of touch.

No really, he is.

Not only is John Carter a terrible Congressman, but as the Daily Show video above proves, he's also an idiot.

Take it away, TPM:
Rep. John Carter (R-TX) compared blaming the oil spill on President Bush to "the Kevin Bacon game," in which, according to Carter, you have to connect a movie or actor to Kevin Bacon in "seven cycles." Last night, Jon Stewart took him up on the challenge.

"I don't need seven 'cycles' to trace this spill to Bush," he said. "I don't even need six degrees, which is the actual way you play the Kevin Bacon game."
Shamefully, as far as I know, Texas Democrats don't have anyone running against him this year. Brian Ruiz made an attempt in 2008, but he wasn't able to overcome Carter's deep pockets and special interests.

This also might explain the lack of hand-raisers in the race this time around.

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