Much A-Dew About Linda

Looks like Lt. Governor David Dewhurst is putting his campaign war chest to use on some good ol' fashioned, down-home...Facebook advertising.

I've noticed several ads for the Republican convention on Facebook this week, but this one mentioning Dewhurst caught my eye. The click through takes you to a new website dedicated to Dewhurst's visibility and appearances at the Republican Party's state convention this weekend. His campaign staff is aggregating pictures and even live-streaming video (captivating, I'm sure).

The Dewhurst team also has a Facebook application that will send you a bumper sticker (at least, I think it will - I didn't want to actually go through the process of requesting one and then the even more tedious process of throwing it away). That kind of development can't be cheap.

While it's not quite as desperate as paying money to get another party on the ballot to get a few more percentage points of votes, this is some awfully aggressive campaigning coming from the normally underwhelming Dew camp. I can't say I blame him. A lifetime of fighting for everyday Texans and a few fiery speeches on the steps of the Capitol later, Democratic nominee and labor hero Linda Chavez-Thompson clearly has this silver-spoon millionaire Facebooking scared.

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2 Response to "Much A-Dew About Linda"

  • LonestarJR Says:

    Once in a very long while, a candidate surfaces whose very candidacy does honor to the electoral system. Linda Chavez-Thompson is such a candidate.
    David Dewhurst is really irrelevant to this race, because this our chance to say, loudly and clearly, "THIS is what our politics should be like! This is the kind of individual we want to offer herself for our consideration!"
    Whether one is Democrat, Republican or nonaligned, this is the candidate you would want your children to choose as an example.

  • Mean Rachel Says:

    Well said. Thanks for your input and support!