Really!?! Rick Perry

What started as an angered blog post about Rick Perry's housing hypocrisy, as reported by the AP's Jay Root in "Gov. Perry's temporary digs costs Texas big bucks," has turned into the video below titled "Really!?! Rick Perry."

Governor Rick Perry was recently quoted in the San Antonio Express News by reporter Peggy Fikac talking about the $18 million budget shortfall saying, "Every penny we save now in the 2010-11 biennium is one penny closer to balancing the budget in the next legislative session." It's awfully telling about how many cattle Rick Perry has under that big cowboy hat of his when he's spent 60 million pennies of taxpayer money on his five bedroom rental mansion in West Austin.

Thanks to my friend Chris Trew for appearing in this with me, who offers comedy improv classes in Austin at The New Movement Theater.


1 Response to "Really!?! Rick Perry"

  • Scott in South Austin Says:


    I think you meant to say "billion." The video made me chuckle.