Strong Lady

I know I've been on a hiatus lately but I'm in the process of buying a house and haven't had much time to write in the evenings. In the meantime I've been updating my Tumblr blog sporadically.

However, I wanted to share this image I found of Michelle Obama's trip to Haiti today.

Something about her strong arms grasping and practically pulling up the hands of a young boy, combined with the imagery of what appears to be a gaggle of children, makes me proud. I read a wonderful article this weekend from Conde Nast Traveler called "Mrs. Obama's Washington" that made me think, for the first time, about our First Lady as a potential first female President.

But that's somewhere in the future. For now, the photo makes me proud when I think about what it meant to the rest of the world for the United States to elect Barack Obama.

Simply put, the notion brings me joy. I hope it brings you some joy for your day, too.


1 Response to "Strong Lady"

  • missris Says:

    If I could be even half as amazing as Michelle Obama, I'd consider that a resounding success.