Spill, baby, spill.

It's hard not to look at the black gold seeping across the Gulf of Mexico as an allegory of the sinking, gruesome Republican Party, in Texas and across the United States.

As Sarah Palin arrived in Austin, no doubt ready to rant against the socialists who are now tasked with cleaning up the oil spill, Florida's Governor split from the Republican Party after they snuffed out any last vestiges of moderation, principles sinking under the weight of the Tea Partier's rabid outcries.

We have elected officials in Texas who think that Obama's presidency is God punishing us, and SBOE members who want to remove Thomas Jefferson from the pages of history for political payback. Their own history, being written as we speak, will remember them as the bigots who continued to see only in color when the rest of the world had learned to love the goodness of the human soul.

And our fearless Governor, who perches in a $9000 a month rental property, sees coyotes in the same light as he sees the inmates on death row; a general disregard for any life other than that which might be growing in a woman's uterus.

Here we sit in Texas, burning the oil to save our beaches, to stop the ecological bleeding that comes from our selfishness and our haste to pull every last cent out of Mother Earth before we kill her off. We watch the Gulf burn and make a daily trade on our nation's equity more gruesome than those stated income loans doled out with a greedy grin by Goldman Sachs.

And after all that, at the end of the day, all we're left with is a dead coyote.

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  • McBlogger Says:

    Love it all...and beating up on GS is awesome. But don't drop stated in the grease. I still miss stated and NINA. I've got a stack of SE declines with lots of cash to put down and great credit that I can't approve because I have to underwrite off their taxable income, not gross.

    Alt A loans didn't cause the problem and neither did sub prime. It was Alt A and sub prime sold as A paper that caused the problem. When it started to perform like what it was, the market fell apart because investors thought it should perform like a vanilla 30 FRM.

    Then there's the sticky matter of GS offloading their risk by blowing up their customers:)

  • Scott in South Austin Says:


    With all due respect, you've lost me on this blog. If your pissed that BP and Transocean did not use an acoustic switch to close the backflow preventer, then tell us that. If your mad that we as a nation (as do others) need several billion gallons of crude oil to sustain the economic engine, then say so. If you are mad that this incident, which was a technology failure, is being called Obama's Katrina, say so.

    I enjoy your thoughts and comments. However, this particular blog lost me in what you were wanting to say.

    In your defense, I'm turning 50 on Monday so maybe I've lost enough mental capacity to comprehend your message and I have become a grumpy old man and whining bastard. I hope not, but aging makes us all humble.

    Scott in South Austin

  • Mean Rachel Says:

    Hey Scott.
    No, none of the above, really.
    I guess my frustration/depression stemmed more from the fact that the media spent more time discussing dead coyotes this week than it did the natural disaster that will kill thousands of ocean wildlife. This post was more a dig at the mainstream media for their distracted reporting and front-page interests.
    I really hope I didn't lose you but if I did, well, thanks for being with me for a while.
    Mean Rachel

  • Scott In South Austin Says:


    I thought I was sensing your frustration as a blogger.

    I respect your opinion and I thank you for providing this forum.

    No ill will or harboring of bad feelings on my part. Thank you for expressing your opinions. I respect them and I understand your concerns.

    Correction to my original post: It's a blowout preventer - my mistake.

    Finally, this incident will impact more than shrimp. It will include Gulf crabs, crawfish, and most important, alligators. These types of failures have a cascading impact on the arrangement.

  • Scott in South Austin Says:

    And now the Statesman says Big Chief Pretty Hair is saying this incident was "an act of God." This cheerleading forester example of a Governor has so little understanding of what and how an offshore drilling rig operates.

    Shit, I might as well rename Smores as a Perry. They are dumb, melt and fattening.

    I'm sure Anita is so concerned she's picking wallpaper on the reconstructed Governor Mansion - or repainting the house in Westlake.

    Sorry for the rant. I almost started to talk in Teabonics.