Lost in Translation: Elliott Naishtat Writes from the Sister City

Today I received a postcard (yes, by traditional and what appears to have been air mail) from The Representative formerly known as Eliot Eliott Elliot Elliott Naishtar Naishtat.

Dated 12 April, 2010, The Representative talks briefly of his travels in Taiwan, where he was visiting Tai Pei and, evidently, Austin's sister city Taichung. Before you become outraged that you, too, can't have an all-expenses paid trip to our sister city, please note: Taichung paid for both The Representative and our Mayor to go. I learned this the hard way when I interrogated The Representative over a particularly ripe bowl of baby carrots at the last Final Friday.

At least he found time to write.

"What am I doing in Taiwan?!" The Representative asks.

I'm not exactly sure, but I think -- in fact, I know -- that this will go in my Favorite Postcards from Elliott Naishtat collection.

Should go for a mint on eBay someday (that's an online auction site, Representative).

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