Pobrecito: The Victor Carrillo Allegory

On March 2nd, 61 percent of voters in the Republican primary voted like they normally do. The only problem with that is that most of them believe Latinos don't belong in Texas. The only problem with that is that the Republican party lost their incumbent for Railroad Commissioner, Victor Carrillo. Carrillo lost by over 20 points to someone with zero experience and who spent very little money getting his message out. How could this happen? Easy. We are talking about the Sarah Palin party here, folks.

David Porter, a CPA from Midland, will now be the Republican nominee for Railroad Commissioner against the Democrats' very promising, well-qualified Jeff Weems, a Paul Bunyan of a candidate who’s been actively campaigning and reaching out to voters online since the January filing deadline.

In response to the trouncing, ousted Carrillo issued a scathing letter to supporters and media last week stating that his loss was largely due to his Hispanic surname.
“Given the choice between ‘Porter’ and ‘Carrillo’,” he wrote “...unfortunately, the Hispanic-surname was a serious setback from which I could never recover although I did all in my power to overcome this built-in bias.”
Carrillo goes on to state that he’s “concerned” that the GOP party “still has these tendencies.”

Which leaves me saying, “¿Cómo?

Excuse me but am I supposed to be feeling sorry for Carrillo? It’s like that bumper sticker says: If you’re not totally appalled, you haven’t been paying attention. If Carrillo is feeling like this was some sort of shocker, he should probably take a look at what goes on in the Texas Legislature every session. An inordinate amount of time is spent by Republicans working to disenfranchise Latino voters. Period. How could a Latino elected official feel secure in the Republican Party when his Party doesn’t believe that people with “-illo” in their last names have a right to vote, much less be elected to public office?

Beyond voting rights, though, it goes back to equality and it's something that the Republican leadership in this state values less and less. We have a state run by five year old boys who throw temper tantrums anytime something doesn’t go their way. Their vision for equality goes as far as their reflection in the mirror. Immigration? Throw up a wall. Terrorism? Put them somewhere we don’t have to see them. Gay marriage? Not under the collective roof of the State of Texas, son. An African American President? We’re seceding.

Until the leadership changes, GOP primary voters will continue to vote based on bigoted, ignorant presuppositions. If your name is David Porter, you'll win. If your name is Victor Carrillo, you will not. These rules apply not just to political candidates but people who are in a campaign for their own right to a prosperous life right here in this state.

And if you’re going to reflect on your loss and conclude it was a personal attack on your heritage, at some point you're going to have to take a look at which side of the partisan border wall you were standing on to begin with.


2 Response to "Pobrecito: The Victor Carrillo Allegory"

  • gen Says:

    Amen sister! Apparently Mr. Carrillo thought he was in the club. ...It's a hard thing to figure out that no matter what stupid rules you follow or how hard you work, certain clubs will never accept you.

  • Mean Rachel Says:

    Thanks Gen! Lucky for me I learned that in Pony Club.