Why I'm Supporting Bill White for Governor

Ed. Note: Early voting for the Democratic primary begins Tuesday, February 16 and runs through Friday, February 26th. During early voting, you can vote at any early voting polling location in Travis County. The Democratic primary will be on Tuesday, March 2nd. Click here to find your Travis County election day polling location. I will be posting my endorsements for Governor, Lieutenant Governor and select contested downballot races in Travis County throughout the week.


Okay, so he’s not Barack Obama, and he’s certainly not Martin Luther King, Jr.
The snafu with Bill White’s face pictured between two African American icons last year was so...white. But since then, Bill White’s campaign -- and perhaps Bill White himself -- has undergone a transformation, which isn’t always easy to do when you find yourself being called out of touch.

Instead, the White campaign has pushed ahead and focused on what matters. Not petty arguing between candidates, not party infighting, but instead the real issues facing real Texans each day: soaring education costs, a struggling economy and the growing number of children in Texas who don’t have access to healthcare because of our current leadership’s inaction.

White's campaign has been running efficiently and smartly since they made the switch to the Governor's race. White himself has been a fundraising machine, often a make-or-break quality in a statewide candidate, and has been doing some outreach of his own on social networks like Twitter. White's communications team continues to be patient and careful, not allowing themselves to get sucked into childish Shami sniping.

Through all of this, White has refocused voters on the experience White brings with him to the Governor's race. No, you certainly won’t be emailing a link of White’s latest speech to your friends (unless you're a blogger). But perhaps the reason White doesn’t turn on any sort of John Edwards-ian charm is because he doesn’t need it. White’s strong -- dare I say inspiring? -- record as the two-time Mayor of Houston and as former Deputy Secretary of Energy under President Clinton far outweighs any flowery rhetoric that can be written into a speech. As Mayor, White wasted no time organizing over 100,000 volunteers in response to Hurricane Katrina, an effort which was later nationally recognized. He put his extensive knowledge of energy issues to work by helping Houston become the top purchaser in the nation of renewable energy. White’s Returning Veteran’s Initiative helped cut through the all-too predominant red tape veterans face when redeploying and offered employment opportunities to veterans returning to the Houston area, a program that he would like to scale to the rest of Texas if elected. And jobs? Bill White's got 'em. During his time as Mayor, he brought more jobs to the Houston area than 34 states combined.

I don’t completely agree with everything Bill White has to say. I’d like to see White support a moratorium on the death penalty in Texas, particularly considering the current situation with regard to Cameron Todd Willingham and Rick Perry’s potential involvement (or lack thereof). But I also believe that as Governor, Bill White would work to fix our criminal justice system from the politicized, discriminatory cycle it currently is.

Ultimately, Bill White offers Texas voters a greater chance for beating Rick Perry in the fall and, if elected, a greater chance for a better Texas in the future.


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