Republican Candidates Get Whited Out

Bill White, Democrat for Texas Governor and former Mayor of Houston, outraised both Kay Bailey Hutchison and Rick Perry over the last 30 days, while simultaneously spending less than them. He also has a pretty nice looking COH column.

And he still found time to tweet.

That, my friends, is a smart Democrat who can win in November.

This table lining it all up, from Burnt Orange Report, is pretty amazing:

ExpendituresCash on Hand
Bill White
Rick Perry
Kay Bailey Hutchison
$3,397,549 $10,011,341
Debra Medina
Farouk Shami
$2,778 $1,040,949$1,075,881

Hair magnate and born-again Democrat Farouk Shami, whose campaign ads have been running seemingly around the clock, raised a measly $2700, putting a number to the oft-pondered equation of "What is the ROI on employing a bunch of easily bought consultants and bloggers at $25,000 a month?"

You should have stuck with that steak dinner guy, my web-based friends. At least he might lose slower. [sic]

1 Response to "Republican Candidates Get Whited Out"

  • The Arsenal Says:

    If Bill White wins Texas, wow! The implications would be staggering. We're talking TEXAS here! He's done an admirable job in Houston though & he was impressive in that primary debate the other night... Crossing my fingers..