My 2010 Democratic Primary Endorsements

Ed. Note: Early voting for the Democratic primary begins today, February 16 and runs through Friday, February 26th. During early voting, you can vote at any early voting polling location in Travis County. The Democratic primary will be on Tuesday, March 2nd. Click here to find your Travis County election day polling location. Below are my endorsements for Governor, Lieutenant Governor and select contested downballot races in Travis County.


Bill White
The White campaign has pushed ahead and focused on what matters. Not petty arguing between candidates, not party infighting, but instead the real issues facing real Texans each day: soaring education costs, a struggling economy and the growing number of children in Texas who don’t have access to healthcare because of our current leadership’s inaction. Ultimately, Bill White offers Texas voters a greater chance for beating Rick Perry in the fall and, if elected, a greater chance for a better Texas in the future.
Read my full endorsement of Bill White.

Lt. Governor

Linda Chavez-Thompson
As a Democrat, as a woman, and as a Texan, I'm ready to elect a Lt. Governor who will fight on behalf of Texas's best interests, not its special interests. I expect my elected officials to expect more, and I expect them to do more. And while some of us might not know anyone who had to work their way up from nothing to something, these people exist -- and exist increasingly -- in the state of Texas. Linda understands that -- because she's one of them.
Read my full endorsement of Linda Chavez-Thompson.

Ag Commissioner

Hank Gilbert

I considered skipping voting for either of the Democratic candidates in this race. I'm not crazy about some of Hank Gilbert's political moves, but he is extremely well-versed on the issues. The only thing I think of when I think of Kinky is a cigar. How can we expect him to care about Texas agriculture when he doesn't even care about his own health? I'll probably be voting for Hank, but with little enthusiasm. I hope that if he is elected, Gilbert will run his office a bit more ethically than he's run his life and his campaign.

Land Commissioner

Hector Uribe

He wins my endorsement because he knows how to take a joke and anyone who can take a joke simply can't be a bad person.

State Board of Education, District 5:
Rebecca Bell-Metereau

If you're happy with the antics of our current radical SBOE electeds popping up on the front pages of the New York Times, then you shouldn't vote for Bell-Metereau. If you'd like to restore a bit of dignity or at least a voice of reason to the SBOE, vote for Rebecca.

Judge, 147th District Court:
Cliff Brown

Brown has received nearly all of the endorsements of the Democratic clubs in Austin. What's more telling to me, however, is his involvement in juvenile programs and youth development centers to keep young folks in Austin from ending up in the courtroom. I support Cliff Brown because of his proactive approach to making Austin a better, safer place to live.

Judge, 201st District Court:
Amy Clark Meachum

I haven't paid much attention to the Patterson witch-hunt. I simply like Amy as a person and the experience she brings to the table combined with a fresh perspective.

Judge 299th District Court:
Karen Sage

Karen has "courage, compassion, and commitment." Heck, I've seen her at every Democratic event since last year. But more importantly, I like the fact that she has worked to keep non-violent, mentally ill people out of the criminal justice system. I like Mindy Montford, and I think she has a future in our city politics, but Karen Sage wins my vote because of her socially-aware background.

Judge, 331st District Court:
David Crain

Crain has a wealth of knowledge and experience. Vote for him.

County Court at Law #3:
Olga Seelig

This is a tough one for me, mainly because of John Lipscombe's longtime involvement in local Democratic politics. However, I've had much more of a chance to get to know Olga and appreciate the fact that she has experience as a prosecutor, a defense attorney and a judge. Being able to look at a prism from all sides is important, particularly when it comes to matters of the law. She also has picked herself up from early struggles in her life and raised two smart, friendly daughters. I will be voting for Olga because, while I appreciate Lipscombe's long-standing efforts in Democratic circles, Seelig's life experiences will give her a comprehensive view of the people who come before her in court. We should all be so lucky as to stand in front of a judge like Olga.

Other Endorsements:

County Commissioner, Pct. 4: Raul Alvarez
Justice of the Peace, Pc. 1: Daniel Bradford
Justice of the Peace, Pct. 2: Karin Crump
Justice of the Peace, Pct. 5: Herb Evans

3 Response to "My 2010 Democratic Primary Endorsements"

  • James Says:

    Did you even research Bill Burton ?

  • Anonymous Says:


    "I hope that if he is elected, Gilbert will run his office a bit more ethically than he's run his life and his campaign."


  • missris Says:

    Rebecca Bell-Metereau is the real deal; an educator who is disgusted with the way the current SBOE runs things and who wants to see a change. Tim Tuggey might look like a moderate candidate but he's still a creationist. He's also a lobbyist and it seems to me like he's using this election to jockey for a career in public office. I wonder if he actually cares about education...and if he's ever actually taught.