Linda Chavez-Thompson's First TV Ad

The Linda Chavez-Thompson campaign hit another milestone this week - they'll be running the "Responsibility" ad below in select media markets starting tomorrow.

I like the colorful, behind-the-scenes style of the ad. It gets to the heart of her message -- that we're all responsible for Texas's better future -- and I think Linda's warm personality also has an opportunity to shine through.


2 Response to "Linda Chavez-Thompson's First TV Ad"

  • Dee Simpson Says:

    Rachel and your readers
    I am just an old labor union hack but this girl Miss Mean has thrown herself and her talents to help my friend and compatriot of the last 30 years--Linda.
    Rachel, bless you for all your work. Linda so deserves your effort and you deserve a Texas that is finally big enough for all that LInda has tried to pry open all her life. So for all us unblogged, Baby you got this right

    Dee Simpson

  • Mean Rachel Says:

    Thanks Dee. That means a lot.