Y'know, I thought you might like to watch this.

So, y'know, the video of my presentation at the Austin Social Media Breakfast is, y'know, up. I ended up talking about "Why Your Pet is a Social Media Expert" because, y'know, pets are smart.

Enjoy the video and let me know what you, y'know, think. Personally, y'know, I realized I say "y'know" way too much. Y'know, I'm gonna to need to fix that.


"Why Your Pet is a Social Media Expert" - Austin Social Media Breakfast from Pet Relocation on Vimeo.

Our CEO's presentation and also the live tweets that went by are up as well.


4 Response to "Y'know, I thought you might like to watch this."

  • Bryan Person Says:

    You know (sorry, couldn't resist!), I think you did a wonderful job with the presentation! I was really thrilled that you and Kevin were part of the SMB show this month.

    And by the way, sorry for standing RIGHT in front of the camera during the Q&A :)

    Bryan Person | @BryanPerson
    SMB Founder

  • Mean Rachel Says:

    Y'know, I had a great time. So thanks, y'know, for inviting us.

    Sheesh. I should probably go back to using "like."

    And, y'know, no worries about the Q&A.

  • missris Says:

    This is just great. You're adorable!