Republican Party...FTW?

Social media might be changing the way Democrats win and compete in elections, but its also quickly becoming the handgun of choice for the Republican party as well.

Just over a year ago, in the heady wake of Obama's socially-driven upset, Republican National Committee Chair Mike Duncan was publicly stumbling over social vernacular. "We have to do it in the Facebook," Duncan said, "with the Twittering, the different technology that young people are using today."

This weekend, the Washington Post ran an opinion piece called "How Republicans won the Internet," a victory gallop for Mindy Finn and Patrick Ruffini who handled online fundraising for Scott Brown in the Massachusetts Senate race. In it, they declare that "the online-organizing playing field is more even than it's ever been in the past 10 years of American politics."

Oh goody.

1 Response to "Republican Party...FTW?"

  • missris Says:

    David Plouffe's new book The Audacity to Win outlines this in a very real and meaningful way. Which is interesting to read, but now that the Republicans have this information spelled out for them, well, yikes.