Change You Won't Be Seeing for a While

A spending freeze?

That's right. Rumor has it, after we just tried to stimulate the economy, we're now going to, well, freeze it. Because that makes sense. If our economy was a libido, it would be frustrated.

Really, when it comes to President Obama, I've tried to stay loyal. And, to a certain extent, I still am. But a spending freeze has got to be the worst idea he's come up with since naming his new dog something that sounds like "No" (how's that training coming along?).

We'll find out the gory details about the freeze on Wednesday's State of the Union so until then, we're left to speculate as to what, exactly, our POTUS has decided to limit. In the meantime, we get to be wowed by a message so terrible that it's hard to believe it's coming from the same President who campaigned on famously air-tight rhetoric.

"We need a smarter government," President Obama said in an interview with ABC News today. "Not a bigger government, not a smaller government, we need a smarter government. And we don’t have one right now."

I'd say we don't, if our government is so stupid that they're admitting they're not smart. Public Relations 101: Don't admit you don't know what you're doing.

More frustrating than Obama's lack of backbone is that one of the places a spending freeze could likely pinch pockets will be social programs designed to help all of those minority and disadvantaged voters who...I don't know...helped get Obama elected? Good call. That'll get them back out to the polls in 2012. And you can forget about this move helping any Democrats running in the state of Texas - our candidates will spend the next ten months explaining why they're for job creation but against the stimulus, and for a spending freeze but against cutting off funds to those in need.

Remember during one of those debates when Obama told McCain his spending freeze proposal was a terrible idea? I sure do. I was sitting at Scholz drinking a Dos Equis, soaking up history. Candidate Obama said, "The problem with a spending freeze is you're using a hatchet where you need a scalpel." The Scholz crowd cheered.

Well, let's see it, Obama. The only difference I can see between you and McCain these days is that Sarah Palin isn't standing next to you. Wink, wink.

1 Response to "Change You Won't Be Seeing for a While"

  • Logan Says:

    NO BEAU NO! or was that NO NO NO???

    I think the spending freeze is a result of hitting the SPENDING CEILING and not having any more money to spend! It's like looking at your empty wallet and coming up with the brilliant idea of NOT buying anything today.

    Glad to see we kinda agree on this :)