Larry Joe Doherty's Decision on the CD10 Race

Unfortunately, it looks as though Larry Joe Doherty won't be making another run for CD 10 in 2010.  

From an email I received this evening:
Rachel –

First, I want to thank you and all of the well meaning supporters who have encouraged me to consider running as the Democratic nominee for CD-10. However, to now be the unopposed candidate is an opportunity that I must decline. Depending on the outcome of the Republican Primary race for Governor, it is at best an opportunity for a pyrrhic victory, if at all, that could be snatched away in redistricting. At worst, my friends will be donating, if at all, to another losing cause. I cannot in good conscience ask them to do that again. 
As Texas Democrats I/we need to be involved in insuring the success of our State races. Join me in that effort, please. That is how the “Gerry Monster” can be slain.

Larry Joe
I hope this isn't Doherty's last consideration for a run for public office -- in fact, earlier this week on Twitter, many wondered if he might consider making a run for Land Commissioner.  

I leave you with a thought -- an allegory, really -- of the Republican party in Texas: Michael McCaul, tonight taking a nice, deep sigh of relief in his water-guzzling Westlake ivory tower in the belly of the dragon.  

I hope he gets comfortable, as it won't last much longer.


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