How Not to Exit a Race: Hank Gilbert Style

Today, as everyone expected and some had hoped, Bill White announced he would be switching from the Senate race to the Governor's race.

Democratic candidate Hank Gilbert then wasted no time in switching to the ag commissioner race and announcing his endorsement of CHI-man Farouk Shami for Governor. Gilbert's move is coming across as sour grapes on Gilbert's part because White had told Gilbert he wasn't going to run for Governor.

You follow?

Hank's not the only one feeling swindled though. I mean, Hank told me he was running for Governor. Now he's running for ag commissioner? How dare he! I guess by his logic, I should transfer my support to someone else for ag commissioner!

The Dallas Morning News forgot to point out this in their story about Gilbert's switch, so I'm offering this addendum, replacing "Gilbert" with "Farris" (that's me!) and "White" with "Gilbert."

Farris says Gilbert broke his word about running for Governor, not ag commissioner. "I was raised to be a woman of principle and always thought that if a man gives you his word, his word is his bond," Farris said in a noon conference call to reporters. On multiple occasions including one questionable Texas Tribune poll and a gaggle of press releases sent at early hours of the morning with large attachments and novella-style fact sheets, Farris says Gilbert assured her he wouldn't be a candidate for anything but Governor. "My particular value says I've got to support someone I can trust. And he lost that trust factor with me."

Might want to extend your hairbrained logic to your own race before you start publicly proclaiming your distrust of other people, Hank.

Also, rumor has it Kinky's dropping out on Monday! Cheers!

2 Response to "How Not to Exit a Race: Hank Gilbert Style"

  • Sean Says:

    Odd choice on Gilbert's part. I heard Farouk on Texas Politics Today, and he literally sounded like a Middle Eastern broken record... a very crazy one at that.

    By the way, thanks for coming to speak to our class at SEU yesterday!

  • Mean Rachel Says:

    I haven't seen him speak but I have heard that he's a much more engaging and charming public speaker than most people give him credit for.

    Thanks for enduring me speaking -- and for stopping by this here weblog!