Houston elit un maire gay.

Over the weekend, Annise Parker was elected to be the next Mayor in Houston, Texas. Not only is this openly gay woman now Mayor of the 4th largest US city, but that city is in east Texas.

Now I know Houston is very different from rural east Texas but I'd like to pause for a moment and pose a question to anyone who doesn't think that the spectrum of eligible voters giving a damn whether someone is gay or not is growing rapidly:

In 2005, when Texas voted to ban gay marriage, had you ever heard of Twitter?

Our lives are changing at a rapid pace, one in which people -- very, very young people -- are exposed to varying degrees of culture and ideas on a second-by-second basis. Hell, iPhones didn't even exist until 2007. Everywhere around us is change, and not the Obama kind of change but real things. Ones that we can hold in our grubby hands and find where the nearest liquor store is or that tells me when a Parisian newspaper tweets about a gay woman getting elected in Texas.

And while maybe people in metropolitan areas are catching on faster than others, sprawl and widespread desensitization to these wedge issues is inevitable due to these very inventions that connect us and break down our privacy. This generation is growing up to songs with lyrics like "I kissed a girl and I liked it" and "bluffin' with my muffin." The dying generation's wedge issues are a simply like cassette players in cars -- as people stop asking for them, they won't even notice when they're gone.

Anyway. Go Mayor-Elect.

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  • Man Chac Says:

    Careful with them fightin words about rural East Texas! They elected an openly gay mayor before Houston did:


    Betty Brown's district, no less.