2009 In Pictures

Normally I try to do a recap of my favorite posts from each year but here's the thing: I really didn't write much this year. So I decided to do a photo essay from 2009, which has some hidden posts included in the storyline.

Rang in the New Year in Marathon, Texas (et. al.) with my best friend and some really nice people who are terrible at dominoes.

Celebrated the inauguration of our first African American president.

Met Billy Joel at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas... (with Cvoss)

...and Jim from The Office (John Krasinski) at The Driskill in Austin.

Spoke at the Young Democrats of America State Convention in Texas, Lanier High School and St. Edward's University.

Went to four weddings, including my sister's.

Created and launched a new website, PR and marketing strategy at PetRelocation.com -- and threw a killer after party.

Learned how to play the fiddle, at least well enough to play with my mom in the Wings and Thighs.

Went with two girls and a dog on a road trip to New Jersey, New York and DC. Said goodbye to a best friend.

Went to the White House. For the first time.

Saw President Obama speak in College Station. Wrote one of my favorite posts because of it.

Went to Port Aransas for Thanksgiving for the third year in a row. A highlight of every year.

Stopped straightening my hair! No, really! And got to see Cvoss several times

Started riding again. Probably my favorite part of this year -- and the one thing that in 1999, when I was fifteen and horseless, I wanted more than anything and never got to do. It took 10 years but that is, after all, why we live.

Like Maya Angelou said: Lift up your hearts. Each new hour holds new chances for new beginnings.

Happy New Year.

3 Response to "2009 In Pictures"

  • Anonymous Says:

    Best Wishes to You, Rachel, Happy 2010! - jack

  • Mean Rachel Says:

    Thank you Jack! Whatever Jack you might be, best wishes to you too!

  • Cashmoney Says:

    Yes, I got to see you 3 times this year, but in my book... that simply is not enough! Let's meet up in Port Aransas. Not kidding.