An Open Letter to Republican Consultant Ted Delisi

Mr. Delisi,

I can ignore a lot from your kind.

But not this:

Willingham fits the profile of a sociopath whose conduct becomes more violent over time & who lacks a conscience,

Cameron Todd Willingham is dead. He was executed by a Governor who either didn't pay attention or didn't care. Those words that you so self-righteously tweeted were taken straight from the mouth of Dr. James Grigson, nicknamed "Dr. Death" because of "
his contributions to 150 capital murder trials. In a majority of those cases, Grigson determined the defendants were sociopaths who would likely kill again."

That same doctor was expelled from the American Psychiatric Association and the Texas
Society of Psychiatric Physicians for "alleged ethics violations."

Great source, Mr. Delisi.

But if you are going to wax nostalgically about faulty evidence, pretending like this isn't simultaneously a huge blow to your anointed Governor and also his terrible mark on American history, have the dignity to speak of the dead -- the executed -- in the past tense. That's the least you can do while you stomp all over an innocent man's early grave.

Please, spare us the fear-mongering. Cameron Todd Willingham isn't some sort of violent threat "who lacks a conscience." He never was, but he certainly isn't now. Governor Rick Perry made sure of that.


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